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Prices and availabilty updated on Jan 5, 2024


Departamento 4804

Area Interior: 74.61 m2
Terraza: NA
Price: $1,026,051


Departamento 4805

Area Interior: 98.14 m2
Terraza: 14.87 m2
Price: $1,573,736


Departamento 4904

Area Interior: 73.32 m2
Terraza: NA
Price: $1,009,073


Departamento 4905

Area Interior: 97.37 m2
Terraza: 14.92 m2
Price: $1,571,179


Departamento 5104

Area Interior: 70.68 m2
Terraza: NA
Price: $981,625


Departamento 5203

Area Interior:57.96 m2
Terraza: NA
Price: $827,843


Departamento 5306

Area Interior: 96.11 m2
Terraza: 20.92 m2
Price: $1,616,330


Departamento 5504

Area Interior: 65.18 m2
Terraza: NA
Price: $965,446

Located in the heart of Mexico City

In the upper section (floors 48-55), The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City™ include 64 private homes which will be operated by The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City™ located in the same building.

The Residences offer the most spectacular panoramic views of Chapultepec Park, including its majestic Castle, and the western and southern parts of Mexico City. Together with the ultimate luxury in architecture, design and the brand’s legendary services, this is why The Ritz-Carlton Residences™ is currently the worldwide leader in branded residences that are administered by the Hotel itself.

While allowing ample light to penetrate each unit, the double glass façade also facilitates ideal temperature control, keeping the Residences cool in summer and warm in winter. The outer shell has inlets and outlets that allow air to circulate through the terraces and in the Residences, while the inner one completes the airtight seal.

Discover Unparalleled Elegance at Vive Polanco Near The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Mexico City

Explore the pinnacle of luxury living at Vive Polanco, located just moments away from the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Residences in Mexico City. As you consider making your home in one of the city’s most esteemed neighborhoods, Vive Polanco offers an exclusive lifestyle matched by few. With access to a vibrant cultural scene, top-tier dining, and world-class shopping, our residents enjoy the benefits of proximity to the Ritz-Carlton’s legendary services and architectural marvels without compromise. Contact us today to learn more about our available properties and how you can elevate your living experience to extraordinary levels.

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